'We're getting ready for the 10th Annual Build on Belief sponsored bike ride!'

Every year for the past nine years we have held a sponsored cycle ride to raise funds for the charity. Over the years hundreds of people have taken part, and raised thousands of pounds that are invested in our various projects across London.

True to our tradition, the ride takes place in September where we can enjoy the last of the summer sunshine and top up our tans before autumn blows in. 

Organised and led by Liam Harte, we meet at Richmond railway station around 9.00am and then, when ready, get on our bikes and take a gentle ride along the Thames path to Windsor, where tradition has it that the ride finishes in the bridge over the Thames.

A large part of the route runs alongside the Thames, off of the main road, where picturesque views of the river and its wildlife surround you while you pedal.

Each year we choose a spot somewhere along the route, where we stop at lunchtime for a picnic. Sandwiches, chicken and a host of goodies are prepared by the staff and volunteers and driven to our picnic spot ready for the hungry riders to stop for a well earned rest while they are fed and watered.

If you would like to join us for the sponsored cycle ride please do, the more the merrier we say. For details of how to take part, the route and meeting times, please contact Liam Harte

If you don't fancy the cycle ride, but would like to help in the preparation and delivery of the picnic, we'd be delighted if you join us. The picnic organisers are Linda Chan and Helen Hayden, and they would be happy to chat to you. 

If you would like to sponsor people, please click the donate button at the top of the page. More details coming soon.