Drinking to Forget

A tale of courage, determination and volunteering . . . Read more

An interview with a Meditation Facilitator

A short chat with one of our Meditation Facilitators, Clayton, who is also in recovery . . . . . Read more

Reaching out to the wider world

People who have struggled with their substance use are some of the most stigmatised people in society, and mostly because other's are swamped by misconceptions about us. The most effective way to challenge that is by reaching out a helping hand, and in Ealing that's exactly what we have done with the Welshore Community Hub . . . . Read more

The Engage Conference 2018

For several years we have joined CNWL NHS as a partner in their annual conference celebrating the success of our respective client and volunteers . . . . Read more

The Overwhelming Hurdle of Early Recovery

A tale of early recovery from Eddie Meyers, and old friend of ours who spent many years with Build on Belief as both volunteer and Service Manager, before joining the Hep C Trust. Read more

Ealing work with the London Bike Hub

We like to reach out into the wider community, and in Ealing there was a lovely piece of work done with the London Bike Hub . . . . . Read more