Reaching out to the wider world

People who have struggled with their substance use are some of the most stigmatised people in society, and mostly because other's are swamped by misconceptions about us. The most effective way to challenge that is by reaching out a helping hand, and in Ealing that's exactly what we have done with the Welshore Community Hub . . . . Read more

Drug and Alcohol Programme Manager (Ealing)

In Ealing we embedded Build on Belief in the centre of the main treatment hub, with all the services operating simultaneously during the week. How did the Drug and Alcohol Programme Manager view this bold experiment? Read more

What do our clients say?

Over the past ten years we have seen many thousands of people walk through our doors . . . . . Read more

What do our volunteers say?

We have had more than three thousand volunteers. Do you want to know what they think? Read more

What do our peers say?

Build on Belief and it's people have long had a close connection withe wider world of service user involvement, both in and out of the country . . . . Read more

Change, Grow, Live

We have worked successfully in partnership with CGL in Ealing and Newham for a period of years, and are now building a new service in Barking and Dagenham. So how do they view our partnership? Read more

Ealing work with the London Bike Hub

We like to reach out into the wider community, and in Ealing there was a lovely piece of work done with the London Bike Hub . . . . . Read more