How do I know if I have a substance use problem?

What are the signs and symptoms of an addiction? How would I know? Read more

What is an assessment?

When first accessing treatment you will be given an assessment. This first interview can often feel daunting, our guide lets you know what you can expect. Read more

What is a recovery worker?

You may have wondered what a Recovery Worker is. Read about how your recovery worker can help you in dealing with problematic substance use. Read more

What is group work?

Group work is a big part of recovery. Find out what to expect and how groups can help you achieve your goals. Read more

What is counselling?

You may be offered counselling when you enter treatment. Find out what it is, and whether you want it. Read more

Detox - What is it?

Your recovery worker may decide you need a detox. Read our Q&A on what you can expect if you choose a detox as part of your recovery. Read more

Rehab - What is it?

Rehab is an option considered by many people with substance use issues. Find out whether it's the right option for you. Read more

Day Programmes - What are they?

A day programme offers many of the same therapeutic groups and activities as a residential rehab, but you go home in evening. Read more

What does mutual aid mean?

Simply put, it means one addict helping another, and the evidence suggests it is of great benefit to people in early recovery. Read more

Will my kids be taken away?

We know that the fear of losing your children often prevents people, especially women from seeking help. This is what we learned from talking to the Care Management Team . . . . . Read more