Mental Health Support Worker in Harrow

Hello, my name is Aggie and I am a mental health support worker for Build on Belief.

I am a recent graduate in Politics and Sociology from the University of Sussex and have extensive experience both volunteering and supporting volunteers in community building and peer led charities which led me to Build on Belief. 

I am a trained facilitator in non-formal education with the Council of Europe and in gendered and sexual violence education with the Respect, Diversity, Equality and Safety group in University. In this role I offered mental health support and guidance as part of the student welfare services.

I am a strong advocate for breaking social stigmas around discussing and addressing mental health and am constantly impressed at how Build on Belief does this by creating an atmosphere of honesty and integrity. When I have struggled with my own mental health, I have looked to my peers and my community for support and I am excited to build a similar family with BOB.

Contact Details

Email: [email protected]
Mobile: 07511 403465