'Love is blind. Friendship closes its eyes.'

One of the problems we all have early in treatment or our own recovery journeys is low self-esteem. After all, it can be difficult to keep up appearances and manage an addiction problem at the same time, and we all know what tends to come first.

It is common to feel that we have let ourselves and others down, and putting together a sense of self-worth in the early days of recovery can be a slow, brick by brick process. 

A little pampering can make all the difference as to how we feel about ourselves. Perhaps it's as simple as a quick trim, or getting our nails done, small activities that help us feel a little better about our appearance, and another step closer to rejoining the world on our own terms. 

You can find 'Bloom and Groom' groups in Hillingdon and Harrow. Why not pop along for a little pampering? If you want to find out when the projects are open and where they are, please click on the links above!