'A rich man is nothing but a poor man with money!'

It has always surprised us how many people display hidden artistic talents, and creative writing is perfect for those looking for a quiet hour or two and a little fun. 

Stories and poems of recovery can inspire others to 'hang in there' when time gets tough, and are an excellent way of helping others to understand that they are not alone. We love to print them in our tri-annual newsletter to share with as many of our readers as possible.

Why not give it a go? We are happy to publish recovery stories and poems in both our newsletter and on the website, so please feel free to make submissions.

Currently, we offer creative writing workshops in Hillingdon and Harrow. If you would like details of the locations of the projects and the days and times of the workshops, please click on the links above. If you are nervous about joining in, or would like a 'meet and greet', you can find the contact details for the service managers for each project when you click on the link.