Hostel Support Worker in Barking and Dagenham

Hi. I am David, a 39-year-old male soon to turn the big 40! I started drinking alcohol at the age of eight, just little bits here and there, but by the time I was fourteen I was drinking heavily and suffering from blackouts. After a difficult and traumatic childhood, the drinking got worse and I began smoking cannabis. I was asked to leave home at the age of fifteen after ‘coming out’ as gay to my parents and arrived in London where I suffered a harrowing experience almost immediately. After a court case I was placed in a hostel, where my drinking began on waking up in the morning, and it was not long before I had begun to use heroin and crack cocaine to numb my emotional pain. Twenty years later I entered rehab and it changed my life. It was hard, but so worthwhile.

I have fulfilment in my life now and I have been clear and sober for more than three years. Without the love and support of so many people at BoB I wouldn’t be alive today. I have begun to work for the charity at a local hostel and I love it. I was once told that I wouldn’t amount to anything. Well, I have proved that person wrong! I love being me!

Contact Details

Email: [email protected]
Mobile: 07925 138102