'The starting point for all achievement is desire.'

At Build on Belief we are passionate about recovery and meaningful activity, and think that our own personal experiences of addiction, treatment and recovery can be used to help others make the changes in their lives they desire; to begin taking steps toward a better future. 

We were therefore delighted to be invited by our friends at CGL in Ealing to join them in helping to deliver the new 'Moving On Day Programme'. We are always up for a challenge!

While we do not undertake any therapeutic work, we can bring our own brand of support to the individuals attending, and every day we facilitate check-in's, where everyone can chat about their hopes for the day, and any problems they might be struggling with, and thereby receive some gentle support from their peers and our staff. 

We also deliver something unique to Build on Belief - our 'Recovery Chairs'. Adapted from the traditional share that takes place in 12-step meetings, each week a member of the Build on Belief team (and the odd brave volunteer from CGL) talk briefly about their own experiences of addiction. The  real focus of the chair however,  is one's experiences of treatment and recovery; the challenges, the learning and changes made in the way the speaker learned to live after dealing with their substance use. 

Unlike traditional 'chairs' there is a question and answer session afterwards, where the individuals attending the programme can then ask the speaker any questions they may have on what they have just heard. A lively discussion on recovery often takes place, as we do our best to share what we have learned on our own journey's over years. These discussions create a real sense of shared purpose and hope, and have proved very popular with the clients attending the programme. Who knows, we might roll the idea out elsewhere in Build on Belief!

PLEASE NOTE: Access to the MODP is only available through a direct referral from CGL in Ealing or the Care Management Team in the Borough. This IS NOT an open access service.