Lead Service Manager for Harrow

I have a history of opiate use. I have engaged with addiction and recovery services for more than 20 years and have observed their changes over this time. Today the services offer more opportunities for support which can improve the chances of people reaching recovery.

I have had a few interesting jobs. I worked in an abattoir in Norfolk; owned a burger van in the form of an old ambulance near Heathrow, and managed a hotel in Little Dunham.

In the late eighties I appeared in the local paper for rescuing a neighbour from a house fire, and subsequently I appeared on the news just before the football program 'Saint & Greavsie'.

I have had my difficulties in the past that eventually led me to seek help. 

Volunteering for BoB gave me opportunities to explore my interests, hobbies and develop my professional skills.

I became a BoB Service Manager at Harrow in 2016.

Previously I studied Health and Social Care for 3 years, gaining distinctions and an achievement award. I am a trained SMART facilitator and trainer. I am also a trained educator. 

Contact Details

Email: [email protected]
Mobile: 07872 002248