Service Manager for the Build on Belief Weekend Service in Newham

My addiction started in my mid twenties after I lost both my parents. At the time I was working as a store manager for a major supermarket and my main substance was alcohol. However, regular drinking, heavy drinking led me to other substances. 

For about five years I was hiding my addiction, trying to balance my dependence on alcohol with the need to hold down a full-time job. In the early days I was a functional alcoholic, but this quickly moved to dependency.

I eventually lost my job, home, family and friends. I was street homeless for several months sleeping outside a church.

I realised if I didn’t do something fast, I would end up in prison or even worse, dead. My turning point was when I attended Newham substance misuse service. I attended for seven months and graduated.

I attended B.O.B the first day it opened in Newham back in 2015 as a service user and I loved how vibrant, colourful and friendly it was. I attended every weekend for six months. I found the weekends particularly hard for me in the early days of recovery and B.O.B was a great distraction for me with so many fun activities to distract me.

 Three months later I became a volunteer for B.O.B and the Newham service provider. I now have three years experience as a unpaid substance misuse worker and have completed my level two health and social ca

I am so excited I have now been offered an opportunity to become one of the Management Team at the project in Newham. This is an exciting challenge and also feels like this is my vocation in life.

I would like to offer the service users exactly what I was offered. Yay! I am a small part of the massive B.O.B family.

Contact Details

Email: [email protected]
Mobile: 07783 422089