Lead Manager for the Social Club at Newham

Hello everyone. My name is Linda Chan and I am the full time Lead Manager at our social club in Newham.

Like the people that come through our doors I also have a history of substance use and homelessness issues, so I feel that perhaps I have a really good idea of what obstacles people have to face in their daily lives.

I myself used Heroin and Crack for over thirty years, and like all of you, I had many attempts at stopping.

It was only when my body started to let me know that it was fed up with the way I treated it and I ended up in hospital for three months, that I realised that it was definitely time for me to stop or I would be joining all the people that I have lost to drugs over the years.

Getting onto a script was fine, but the boredom was killing me, so I started to volunteer for the original weekend service in Portobello Road. The support of people already volunteering, and the boss's patience with meant I really felt I had at last found the right place for me, which is here, helping others to make their transition from battling with their substance user problems to becoming whatever they want to be.

Contact Details

Email: [email protected]
Mobile: 07872 002251