Lead Manager for the Social Club at Ealing RISE

My name is Linda Rose and I am the lead manager at Build on Belief in Ealing. 

I started off as a service user representative working with the then Drug and Alcohol Team in Ealing Council In 2012.  After hearing a lot about support from the Build on Belief Charity for those with drug and alcohol issues at their drop in cafe at 131 Uxbridge Road I went along to investigate.   Yes, I loved it so much I immediately started as a volunteer.  

The support offered by all the volunteers and management to clients was exceptional.  We moved to the RISE premises with a large “drop in area” with a life skills kitchen, which is where we are at present.  Although at the moment we have had to reduce the service from 5 days to weekends only, and limit the number of clients, we offer a safe space and our staff and volunteers give their all to looking after and supporting clients.

When a job vacancy for a manager arose, I applied and was fortunate to get the job.  My aim is to be there for our clients to offer support and encouragement to move forward with any plans they have to improve their situation. I welcome anyone in Ealing needing support around addiction and recovery to come and join us.  

Since working at Ealing I had discovered a creative side to myself I had no idea existed! Why not visit us and find out where your hidden talents lie?

My role allows me to support and encourage our service users to move forward with their lives and perhaps join us as volunteers. We offer tea, coffee, fun and support in a safe space so if you feel you need a bit of that then I and the team are waiting to welcome you.

Contact Details

Email: [email protected] 

Mobile: 07872 002246