Lead Manager in Tower Hamlets

Hi, I’m Nicky, Lead Manager at our new weekend service in Tower Hamlets.

Our new service opened in October 2023, and we have started to create a warm friendly environment in the amazing space we have in the service.

I have been in recovery from opiate dependency for 4 years and I am loving my new life. Being substance free has given me the opportunity to rebuild my life and to help others achieve their goals by sharing my experiences along the way.

I have volunteered and worked for BoB since being in recovery and it has helped me to form a routine that I was lacking to help build a healthy lifestyle. I started volunteering with BoB at the Acorn Hall service in Kensington and Chelsea. I became Team Leader and completed BoB’s training at Head Office.

This training inspired me to learn so I enrolled on NVQ courses in Health and Social care. I completed these courses, and the Managers at Acorn Hall asked me if I would like to apply for a role as Peer Support worker in Westminster.

I applied for the role and started to work in Westminster supporting clients with issues such as housing, rent arrears, other debts and supported them with food bank applications.

When the Tower Hamlets project was discussed, I was asked if I would like the role!

Having people that believe in you and creating friendships within BoB has been a big part of the foundation I was lacking as I was so isolated in my addiction. We are blessed to have such a friendly, supportive group of people working for BoB. 

I believe that with the right support, people can achieve recovery and rebuild their lives. BoB helped me to do it!

We look forward to seeing you at The Alma.

Contact Details

Email: [email protected]
Mobile: 07542 023954