My name is Sofia Carreiro and I am the manager at Shine Haringey Build on Belief in partnership with Humankind service. 

Shine started as a drug and alcohol service to support service users to exit the services in a community focused way. it has since moved on from that in a massive way  the project has been growing and at the moment it is an inclusive project open to everyone in Haringey, looking for any kind of support, or just a cuppa! 

I've born and been raise in Azores a Portuguese archipelago and moved to Lisbon to study Psychology, where I lived for seven years before moving to London, four years and a half ago.  

My first professional experience was at the front line in a prison working with entrenched addiction in the prison system through  groups and one to one programs aiming to prevent relapse and re-offending. My second experience in a slum allowed me to have a broader experience in the community and watch closely the struggles of the local people and their social issues with drugs and alcohol, unemployment, mental health and delinquency. 

Since a young age I’ve been interested in addiction behaviours and the consequences of that in people's life. I Always felt a urge to understand, help and support people struggling from drugs or alcohol aiming for a less dependent society, more aware of reality with healthier coping mechanisms.

Shine is more than a job, offers me the possibility to be close to the people and support them according their needs in an open and flexible environment where people feel comfortable and accepted within their own differences. I am not a fan of labels !!!  

Pop into Shine Haringey for an inclusive experience :) 

Contact Details

Email: [email protected]
Mobile: 07872 002246