Lead Manager for the Social Club at Ealing RISE

In my 20’s I couldn’t decide whether to be a Yuppie or a Hippie.  I alternated between sitting at home on benefits, getting stoned whilst listening to music and pursuing a successful career which took me all over Europe.  As my 2 worlds collided and life got a bit crazy, I came to the conclusion that neither was the answer.  I found my true self through faith and became a missionary instead.  Since 1993, this has taken me on a whole other journey and I have spent my life helping people in addiction, homelessness, mental health etc,etc.  This has included working in a Rehabilitation Centre in the Egyptian desert, running a Drop-In in Earls Court, and also, I am very happy to say, involving with BOB. 

I started volunteering with BOB Earls Court in 2014 then BOB Ealing in 2016.  Most people there call me ‘the cake lady’, as I bring one every week.  I also facilitated a baking class which was great fun for all involved and the service users who got to eat what we made.  Last year I took on a team leader role as we continued to try to keep the service running throughout the challenges of the Covid restrictions and opened a food bank for the local community.

My passion is to help people break free from addiction and to involve with them as they develop the support, well-being and tools they need to rebuild their lives, find themselves, their talents and their passions.  BOB is an amazing organisation which does exactly that and I am so privileged to be part of it and to work with all the fantastic people who make it so special.

Contact Details

Email: [email protected] 

Mobile: 07872 002246