Service Manager for the Build on Belief Weekend service in Newham

Hi, my name is Tony. I have suffered with addiction in one form or another as long as I can remember; also various mental and physical health problems left me living on the fringes of society for a long time. A life of extreme highs and lows is sometimes exciting, but mainly extremely exhausting.

 After a life of on and off drug use, at 40 I'd really had enough and decided to stop altogether. I realized after many attempts at stopping in the past that didnt work for long, if at all, that it wasn't just about stopping taking whatever drug I was using. I had to change my behaviours too. This is when I started to volunteer and help myself through helping others.

I met Tim when I was working as a volunteer at the Club Drug Clinic in Earls Court. We all had offices in the same building. Tim took me to some service user meetings and introduced me to some people, then stepped back and let me get on with it. I did any training that I could find, and took various volunteering jobs. When I applied for the job of service manager in Hillingdon, I may have been ready for it, but I still needed someone to give me that push to do it. 

I was successful. I have been in this post for a year now and am still excited about watching peoples confidence grow as they become part of the BoB family. One of the favourite parts of my job is building our volunteer team, seeing people regain the self esteem that addiction robs from them and move on with their lives