After all, everyone deserves somewhere where it’s ok to be you

How to find us

The most important thing of all - how to find your nearest BoB project!


Author: Tim Sampey

What do we do?

We run a range of peer-led weekend projects full of fun, family and hosting a wide range of every changing activities!


Author: Tim Sampey

About volunteering

Why are we a volunteer driven charity?



Our Impact


In the year 2017 - 8 this is the number of individuals who accessed Build on Belief projects in London

32, 702

We know what we do works, because in the year 2017 - 8, this was our number of contacts


This was the number of incredible people who gave us their time, commitment and energy as volunteers in 2017-8

Support our work

Why not support our work by volunteering with us, donating to one of our projects, or joining us in a fundraising activity?

Build on Belief

Every donation to Build on Belief is spent on direct service provision and nothing else. If you want to know what we spent your donation on, all you have to do is ask. We'd be happy to tell you!



Target amount: £2,147,483,647.00

Amount raised: £1,532.00



Fundraising is a team effort and should be fun! If you have a fundraising idea, please contact either Tim Sampey or Becca Walker. If we can make your idea a reality, we will!



Latest news

  • Walking for Xmas

    In Barking and Dagenham the Build on Belief staff, volunteers and service users undertook a sponsored walk to raise money for their Xmas party. Read more

  • Tears to the eyes!

    At the end of November we held our tenth annual Volunteer Award Ceremony to celebrate the work of our wonderful volunteer teams, and what a joyous evening it was! Our very own version of the Oscars! Read more

  • Build on Belief goes international!

    In November the Chief Executive was invited to Brno in the Czech Republic to deliver a workshop at a conference of professionals and service users, explaining the wonders of peer-led services! Read more

Upcoming events

  • The Annual BoB Sponsored Bike Ride is coming soon

    It's that time of year again! The annual Build on Belief sponsored cycle ride is being planned for 2019. Why not join us? Last year we raised almost £1500. This year we are aiming for the big £2000! Read more