'My boss told me, 'it's not rocket science.' Yeah, almost everything that exists is not rocket science.

A little history

Build on Belief have been providing a range of independent peer-led services since 2005, specialising in the provision of socially based weekend projects with a range of activities modelled around the five ways to well-being. We are one of the largest peer-led charities in the country and have a strong track record going back more than a decade. Uniquely for a peer-led organisation, we have a in-depth evidence base detailing the outcomes from our work in both qualitative and quantitative fashion, that demonstrates the extraordinary value for money our services provide. 

How we currently provide services

Build on Belief currently runs it services through two different business models. The first is by direct commissioning from a local authority, although sadly this is rare since tenders for peer-led projects or service user involvement are not often tendered outside of the main contract for overall treatment provision.

Therefore most of our services are currently subcontracted to larger service providers who wish to purchase our specialist expertise.

What do we do?

Build on Belief specialises in the provision of activity based befriending and support services at the weekend. We currently offer three models of service provision.

1) The cheapest and most basic model of service is the provision of a weekend service that runs on a Saturday and Sunday only. The only time we close such services is if Xmas Day and Boxing Day fall on a weekend, and this is because the lack of public transport makes it impossible for our volunteer teams to get to the project.

2) Our most popular model of service, which is slightly more expensive is the provision of a weekend service that also provides a socially based drop-in during one or two evenings a week, most commonly a Friday, but with a potential for a Thursday or Monday evening included. Bank holidays do not affect the provision of these services.

3) The gold-star, and most expensive model of Build on Belief service provision can been seen in the work of the Hillingdon and Ealing services, where along with the traditional weekend service we provide a wide range of activities during the week and in the evening. These are usually embedded at the core of the main service provider and bring a recovery focused expansion of overall service provision that, through close partnership working, greatly expands the overall service provision of the treatment system, and takes it away from a purely therapeutic focus. We hope to be able to demonstrate in the future the degree to which this model improves overall recovery outcomes.

Is there anything else?

Build on Belief provides a wide range of in-housing training, as detailed under volunteer training, and had delivered this training to organisations such as Groundswell, Voiceability and B3. All of the Build on Belief training is available to purchase. 

How do I commission or purchase Build on Belief?

If you are interested in commissioning or subcontracting our services,  or are interested in accessing our training, please feel free to contact Tim Sampey either by telephone or e-mail. He will be more than happy to talk to you, and discuss the details.