'The road to success is always under construction'

All of the Build on Belief services are free to access and none require a direct referral. How cool is that? Have a look on 'Where to find us', and if there's a Build on Belief project in your borough, all you need to do it take note of the address and opening times. All that's left to do then is simply roll up and come on in.

If you are a little anxious or nervous about attending for the first time, which we quite understand, why not click on the link for one of the service managers at the project you wish to attend, and give them a ring first? They would be more than happy to talk to you, and can take you around the service on your first visit, introduce you to people and explain what is on offer. We want you to feel at home.

Remember, if there is any other way in which you think we might be able to support you, ask for a quiet chat with the service manager(s). That is what they are there for!