Head of Services

I was born in Paris and came to the UK when I was eight years of age and was fortunate enough to attend to a multilingual setting at the European School ,Culham. 

After completing various other academic studies and whilst never truly considered myself as a true and devoted academic, I left Oxfordshire to pursue a Higher National Diploma and subsequent career in music within the Sussex area but by the age of 22, I found myself needing to take greater self-care and as a result, I unintentionally commenced my profession in Social Housing and Homelessness at Brighton & Hove City Council, accommodating vulnerable adults and families.

This sparked a twenty two year career working my way up and through various Private to CIC social sector organisations at Senior Leadership level overseeing Temporary and Supported accommodation commissioned services.

I have always been incredibly and highly passionate in both supporting the delivery of outcomes for service users and that of overseeing the career development of the wider group, whilst equally relishing business growth opportunities which have presented themselves along the way, both personally and from a business perspective. 

Joining the Build On Belief team is an incredibly exciting opportunity and challenge and one that will bring an unbelievable amount of self-gratification but more importantly, being part of a wider community supporting and guiding others is the essence of my personal longevity within a sector which rightfully prides itself on helping others in need. 

During my days off, I love nothing more than spending time with both my wife and daughter exploring the great outdoors, visiting other countries and learning about different cultures. In my free time, I am a sport enthusiast and spend as much time exercising and supporting my beloved Arsenal Football Club. My other love is music which started from my earlier years of being a drummer in a band.

Contact Details

Email: [email protected]
Mobile: 07858 306371