“What is a Keyworker?”
Your keyworker is the drugs or alcohol worker who you will have the most contact with after you have done an initial assessment.

 “What can my keyworker do for me?”
Well the first thing they will do will be to help you work out the best way to deal with your substance use problem. This will form the basis of your care plan.

Can you tell me a bit about a care plan?
As mentioned elsewhere on this website, a care plan is like a road map that will form the basis of your treatment. Apart from looking at your problems with drugs and alcohol, your care plan looks at other problems that might be affecting your life and therefore your recovery.

What sort of other problems?
Well, people often have difficulties with debt or housing, children or families, physical or mental health; all sorts of things really. Your keyworker will help you decide what other problems you feel are causing you difficulties and these will form the basis of your care plan – your personal map for getting better.

What else does my keyworker do?
They will meet with you on a regular basis, every 7 -14 days, where you will jointly tackle any issues that have arisen in dealing with your substance use problems. These meetings are one to one, and arranged by appointment.

What happens if I need more help?
Your keyworker will know other agencies or professional bodies you can be referred to. It is a part of their role to make sure you are able to access any other forms of support or advice that might be able to help you.

What happens if I relapse or struggle with my treatment?”
Just be honest with your Keyworker. Your keyworker will work with you and support you. Your Keyworker will not judge you and will completely understand what you are going through.  The most important thing your Keyworker will do is listen. No one will push or force you to do or say anything that makes you feel uncomfortable. By being honest and sharing everything that is going on in your life, the more your Keyworker can help.