Head of Reserach and Online Services

It was back in 2008 when I was repeating the same cycle, not feeling ok with it but nobody else even remotely hinting my behaviours may not be beneficial for me and then I decided to stop. I often wonder whether it was sheer arrogance of believing I could ‘be’ more that led me to the decision to make changes but that was the decision I made. I started to retrain and studied Philosophy & Psychology through the Open University. As that was ending I volunteered in my local drug service as all I wanted to do was help people not feel as alone as I had felt.

After a year volunteering they took me on as a drug and alcohol worker and I completed my Masters degree in ‘International Addiction Studies’. I was fortunate enough to be involved in some really innovative service practice, all centred around helping people achieve the goals they set. The individual approach rather than off-the-shelf one-size-fits-all approach really spoke to me and there I was able to hone my group delivery skills.

Now here I am as the Online Group Manager for BoB, an organisation who really excites me for the focus on peer led aftercare services. I’m humbled to be a part of BoB. Outside of work I am an avid Everton fan and traveller to far flung places who has been headbutted (from behind) by a wild giraffe, charged at by a silverback gorilla and had to be evacuated from a burning boat in the Amazon. I love nature but it doesn’t seem to love me…

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