Housing Support Project Manager and contact for

the RBKC Sports and Leisure Services.

Liam Harte has been involved with Build on Belief and its predecessor (SUDRG) since October 2005 when he attended his first RBKC service users meeting. The organisation was in its infancy at that time. 

His initial interest in service user’s politics was based on a personal experience of addiction and of accessing treatment services in the local area and an awareness that at that time there were deficiencies in how aspects of the service were delivered, namely the absence of service user consultation and involvement in how these services were designed and delivered. He notes that this situation has really changed dramatically in recent years and that BoB played a seminal role in pioneering that change by providing vivid evidence to service professionals and commissioners that service users could and should be involved not just in informing service design but also in delivering services as well.

Current roles within the organisation include managing the organisations sports and leisure service in RBKC, providing supervision and support to BoB volunteers in RBKC/Westminster and running cognitive behavioural therapy groups for service users.

Contact Details

Email: [email protected]
Mobile: 07739 796045