Hi! I am Susan and facilitate the BoB Baking and decorating class in Ealing on Friday mornings. I am an enthusiastic amateur not an expert and want others to realise that they can also make some really nice tasting and amazing looking stuff with a little bit of help and encouragement. Also that baking can be fun!

BoB’s baking group has something for everyone - whether you have never baked before or you are a pro chef. We do everything in easy steps and help each other as we go, when following the recipes and using the techniques detailed. There is a chance to be as creative or as individual as you want when it comes to doing the decorating and some of the other stuff.

Best of all, you also get to eat whatever you make and to share it with the others.
Some of the things we have made include a fancy 6 tier rainbow cake; black forest gateaux as well as simple favourites like apple pies, flapjacks, bread, pizza. We have decorated everything from emoji biscuits to ginger bread men and of course cupcakes.

Those who have been have made comments like:
I do the things again at home with my grandkids and they love it!;
Better than sitting in the park and drinking all morning.
It helps me to relax;
It’s good be around people and we have a laugh.
I’m learning from this.
It’s helping me with my recovery to put my mind on something positive.

Come and give it go – you might surprise yourself with how well you can do!

Susan M