'Alcohol gives you infinite patience for stupidity.'

Short of prescribed medication, alcohol is the only legal substance we work with. Widely used, socially acceptable and very cheap, there is nevertheless a strong argument to be made of alcohol doing more long term damage to the health that any other substance. Pretty much everyone has tried it, the majority of people drink it, and yet what do we really know about alcohol . . . .

  • What is the history of alcohol use?
  • Why do people drink, and which groups are at most risk of harm?
  • Why is alcohol legal if drugs aren't?
  • What is the impact of alcohol use on wider society?
  • Is alcohol really a foodstuff?
  • What are safe drinking limits?
  • What is binge drinking and why is it a concern?
  • What are the health problems related to heavy alcohol use?
  • What are the dangers of mixing alcohol with other drugs?
  • Does the misuse of alcohol have a different impact on differing areas of society?
  • Are the risks of heavy drinking different for men and women, and if so, why?
  • Are alcohol withdrawals dangerous, and if so, why?
  • What is harm minimisation advice for those who are alcohol dependent?
  • How do we work with someone who struggles with their alcohol use when the substance is legal and everywhere!

This workshop puts alcohol in perspective both historically and in respect of wider society, and looks in detail at the harms associated with its misuse. It also looks at why supporting someone with an alcohol problem can be very different to supporting someone who struggles with their drug use.