Life is in ten percent experience, and ninety percent how you respond to it.'

Substance use problems, addiction and lack of self-esteem tend to go hand in hand. It's a rare person who does not enter treatment, begin to address their substance use, and then find themselves, dazed and dispirited, looking around at the wreckage of their lives. This workshop is intended to help with that, if only a little . . . . 

  • Confidence is natural to human beings. After all how did you learn to walk?
  • What causes us to lose confidence?
  • What do we mean by self-belief and where does it come from?
  • What part does substance use play in lack of self esteem and is it real?
  • Why keeping a diary can save your life!
  • What do we mean by goal setting, and how does it work?
  • New Year's resolutions and goals, some ideas for moving forward.
  • What is the power of positive thinking?
  • Fear is natural, so how do we overcome it?
  • Is anxiety really frozen excitement?
  • How do we measure change?

Another in our self development workshops, this one is based on the personal experiences of many of us in our personal journeys. After all, pretty much every single Build on Belief member of staff began their journey in the wilderness of addiction. How did they get from there to here?