'The good news is you've got your feelings back. The bad news is you've got your feelings back.'

Dual diagnosis has long be recognised as a wide spread problem in the field of addictions, and its not much of an exaggeration to say that it's rare substance use struggles and mental health difficulties do not walk hand in hand. What is the link between the two, and what do we need to know in order to support ourselves and others . . . 

  • What is dual diagnosis?
  • What do we mean by good mental health, and what are some of the things that cause poor mental health?
  • Which came first, the substance use problem or the mental health problem/
  • What do we mean by self medication?
  • Does substance use make mental health better or worse?
  • What kind of mental health problems do we encounter?
  • The Minkoff Severity Model
  • A look a four different kinds of mental health problems
  • Vulnerability and Dual Diagnosis - who is at risk?
  • Mental Health and Adult Safeguarding
  • Dual Diagnosis and suicide - who is most at risk?
  • Dual Diagnosis Anonymous
  • The five ways to well being and how they can help

A basic understanding of mental health is necessary for anyone working with individuals who have or have had substance use problems. This workshop aims to increase the confidence of staff and volunteers working with individuals who struggle with their mental health and have complex needs.