"My name is Anthony and I have had an addiction to alcohol for 25 years.

I started coming to Build On Belief (BOB) in Ealing about a year ago and was amazed at how it helped me to change my view on life.  I have volunteered here at Ealing which I found gave me some structure in my day, I also met loads of other people with similar problems and experiences and I enjoyed sharing our journeys together.

I helped Barry one of the Managers at Ealing to set up a Warhammer workshop. Warhammer is a fantasy battle game using fine detailed miniatures of which we build then paint and then use them to play battles with.  This has helped myself and some others by letting us put our energies into something positive instead of something negative which was our usual way of doing things."

- Anthony

"Without BoB, I really don't know where I would be right now, if here at all. I detoxed at home, and throughout that period I used voluntary work with BoB as my rehab. The support and care I receive from BoB has saved me, and I write that with great passion."

- Anon