'Who says being a quitter is a bad thing?'

At Build on Belief, we are huge believers in harm reduction. Like it or not, some people are unable, unwilling or simply not ready to stop their use of drugs. Most drug users will use a variety of substances, making a dangerous lifestyle significantly more perilous. While we strive to support people into, and through treatment, and then into the version of recovery they have chosen for themselves, we will never give up on someone whose yet to take the first step. At the very least, advice, information and support can improve someone's well-being, even if only a little. This workshop is intended to equip our staff and volunteer teams to do just that . . . . .

  • What single substance causes the most harm and why?
  • What are the common combinations of drug use and why do people mix them?
  • Which combinations are the most dangerous and why?
  • Which drugs are physically addictive and what are the symptoms?
  • Which drugs are dangerous to withdrawn from?
  • There are five ways of getting drugs into the body? What are they, and what risks are associated with each?
  • What are blood borne viruses, why are they dangerous and how to you avoid them?
  • Why does the purity of a drug matter?
  • Lifestyle can also pose a significant risk to health. How can this be addressed?
  • Mental health and addiction - what is the link?
  • What simple advice can we give to make alcohol consumption a little safer?
  • What simple advice can we give to make drug use a little safer?
  • How do we support someone into accessing structured treatment?

This workshop is intended to help our staff and volunteers to work with those individuals whose complex needs or difficult circumstances mean they are still struggling with their substance use, to reduce the harm associated with their substance use and lifestyle, and support them into structured treatment or mutual aid wherever possible.