I was introduced to BoB by my keyworker the Recovery Café in November 2016. It was a Thursday afternoon and I walked into the room feeling alone and wondering what I was doing there. One of the BoB managers came over and introduced herself and took me into a side room. We chatted and I soon felt a lot better.

I was going to BoB on and off for about a year but I didn’t really take it seriously. In January 2017 I was arrested following an assault on some police officers whilst I was extremely drunk. This resulted in me losing my job; I was fined and faced 12 months of probation and a 6 months alcohol treatment programme (ATR).

Throughout all of this one of the BoB managers, Finola, both went to court with me and supported me throughout my journey with drink, and finally, sobriety. I have now been sober for four months and have survived challenges already without relapsing.

I am now a volunteer and I can honestly say that if it wasn’t for Bob I would hate to think where I would be.

P.S. It is wonderful being with like-minded people.