I’m Graham from Hammersmith and Fulham in West London. I went to school locally and started dabbling with drugs at around 16.  We used to go to clubs and have a bit of puff and some E’s. It was like that for a couple of years but I was training and boxing at that time as well.  I started sniffing cocaine at about 23 and at 28 I lost my best friend due to hard drugs. That’s when I started using heroin and crack and it got hold of me for a good few years. 

I did have a bit of a life and managed to work in between but it did get out of hand as I overdosed a couple of times and ended up in intensive care.

My brother who doesn’t take drugs ended up in hospital which slowed my using down a little and since then I’v managed to get into a few little volunteering things which have helped me straighten myself out to an extent.

I’ve been volunteering at Bob for a good few years now and I don’t really use crack and heroin any more. I still have a little puff here and there but I’ve got a bit of a life together now.  I found out about it whilst getting my script and they said it’s a good place to go on the weekends. I like it because it’s a safe place and your around good people. Its positive here and life’s been a lot better since I started coming.

During the lockdown I’ve been working at the foodbank in Shepard’s Bush. I’m grateful to still be able to give back during covid.  Staying in touch with everyone and socialising whilst doing the foodbank has given me some normality. I suffer with anxiety so the situation of lockdown made it double hard. I’m thankful I was able to come here. I have also started the run club with Kevin, Howard and Sam which has not only improved my fitness but has improved my mood.

Volunteering for Bob helped me to address my issues with addiction and allowed me to get sign posted in the right direction for help and support. Its really important for me to give back.