'Everywhere is within walking distance if you have the time.'

On a crisp and sunny December morning we gathered by the impressive Italian Gardens in Hyde Park.☀️
Almost 100 Build on Belief trustees, employees, volunteers, service users, kids and dogs as well as Friends of BOB set off for a couple of loops of Kensington gardens. There was a good showing from Dagenham, Newham, Hillingdon, Hammersmith, Harrow, Kensington and beyond. The aim was to re-connect and get some fresh air after almost two years of disruption from the ongoing Covid19 pandemic and to raise a few bobs for BOB’s continuing operations.

The day started well with the sun shining and assembled walkers checking in on good old pen and paper wielded by Linda C, attempts to avoid her beady eye and escape the roll call were invariably futile. Trustee Roger Howard herded the group for one big photo and away we went. We shared the wonderful park with joggers, jugglers, pram pushers, cyclists, and a troupe of exotic dogs in little hand knitted jumpers.

The first loop went almost according to plan with a few late comers joining up along the route but after a brief re-group back at the fountains.

After the second loop most of us met up back again at the starting point where we bade our farewells, a good day out does not have to be complicated or expensive and this was a perfect example of that.

BOB did not close for even a weekend from March 2020 through the original lockdown when we were operating food banks in Hammersmith, Ealing and Kensington and were quick of the mark on the Zoom groups. Coming up to Xmas 2021 we are up and running in all our boroughs and with the sporting programme in Kensington a particular success.

This day out was a chance to celebrate our survival high hopes for the future. We have received numerous positive messages since the walk, and I can declare it a complete success and thanks to everybody who attended or donated.

Kevin M. - BoB’s Cover Manager