Hi everyone,

We have so many new, exciting things to share with you, so please watch the space!

Let’s start with an update from Harrow: Karen, Simon and our brilliant volunteer team worked very hard and run many great new activities & workshops. Art groups, book & reading clubs, board game sessions, groups around recovery, well-being, nutrition & health, LGBTQIA+ and bereavement & grief - just to name a few. 

On Sunday they offer hot meals such as Spaghetti Bolognese, hot soups or beans on toast to all our service users. 

A monthly „Culture & Sights“ group explores museums and galleries and everyone enjoys the change of scenery and a cup of coffee together.

Mandy, a professionell hairdresser and one of our amazing volunteers, offers haircuts for free. 

In addition, they celebrated birthdays, Easter and the Coronation.

If you need support, please call Karen at 07925138102. She’s more than happy to arrange a day for you to visit the service, join our groups and meet other likeminded people!