'Every little helps.'

Some people might think we just don’t care or wouldn’t ever think about the environment, pollution, or the awful amount of plastic and food waste.

And to be honest, there are days where we are busy enough to get out of bed, grabbing something to eat and somehow manage to get through the day, but that doesn’t mean that we don’t care. 

Sadly that is just another stigma around people who use substances or are in recovery.

A few weeks ago our team in Ealing started litter picking in Deans Gardens, a lot of our clients use the park. Last Sunday we went around a few of the streets close to our project. Linda C, one of our wonderful colleagues, organised hi-viz jackets and litter grabbing sticks from the Council. Thank you Ealing Council.

Shaun, one of our brilliant volunteers does it through the week so he helps Rob, supplies the correct rubbish bags.

While picking up the litter we enjoy talking to other people from the community and hope to raise awareness around plastic waste and pollution. Remember, every little helps.

We plan on doing it every other Sunday, weather permitting. Feel free to join us!