'Never underestimate the healing power of a quiet moment in the garden.'

Laurie, one of our wonderful BoB volunteers, wrote about his gardening project in Ealing. ðŸ¥•ðŸ’š

‘Hello All,
It’s been a busy few months at Walpole Park. We’re paying particular attention to the Kitchen Garden, as well as paying an interest in the wider park. We’ve the added bonus of working in partnership with Ealing Council and Walpole Park Loyal volunteers, some of whom have given their time generously for some years.
This is an exciting time for all involved, it’s a fun and friendly atmosphere with some real horticultural practice and techniques to learn and enjoy. For the past few months we’ve been busy preparing the soils in all the veg beds. Weeding, clearing and improving soil structure for direct sowing outdoors. As well, we’ve been professionally pruning all the Walled Garden Espalier Fruit Trees, Fruit Bushes and Canes. All tasks have been carried out to the highest standards, ready to meet the oncoming growing season.
Currently we have Mexican Tarragon sowing indoors. There is several varieties of tomatoes will be propagating from the beginning of March in the greenhouse. Nasturtiums will be sown indoors…, March, April and May is the time for much the crops to be sown direct outdoors…, crops such as Oregano, Mange-tout, Pak Choi, Turnip, Parsnips, Radish, Potatoes, Onions, Carrots and much more…, will all be going in the kitchen garden at this time.
So come and have a grow if you think you’re hard enough!’

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