'Recognition is not a scarce resource. You can't use it up or run out of it.'

Build on Belief has worked in partnership with Central North West London NHS for many years, both in our home borough of Kensington and Chelsea, and in Hillingdon. For several years we have presented the Engage Conference with them, a wonderful event designed to highlight the achievements of both our respective clients and volunteers. 

The conferences are fun, informative and full of wonderful tales of recovery, support and the best of human nature; that is people looking after each other.

The are used as a showcase for service user work within the partnership; not onCNWL's own peer support workers and the Build on Belief staff teams, but also the peer-led services offered by B3 in Brent (old friends of Build on Belief) and the fascinating new twelve-step meetings being held by Dual Diagnosis Anonymous with their extra six steps.

The conference is also a chance to reflect on changes taking place in the local treatment system(s), with a focus this year on CNWL's new community detoxification programme, which is innovative, well designed and producing good results for people with an opiate dependency.

However, our favourite part of the conference is the Award Ceremony that closes the day. The picture is from our favourite award of the day, nominated by Build on Belief and presented by the senior management team of CNWL to our very own Terri Austin, for the wonderful volunteer work she has done in Ealing.

We hope your arm gets better soon Terri!