Service Support Worker for the Build on Belief Weekend Service in Tower Hamlets

Hello! My name is Otilija Boukadir and I’m the Service Support Worker at BoB.

My recovery journey started when I was hospitalised for a whole month at the beginning of January 2023 with a series of illnesses due to my long-term alcohol use. Upon release from inpatient care, I was referred to RISE where I completed an addiction recovery programme. I was then introduced to BoB – where I attended meetings, socialised and volunteered.

I initially was quite reluctant to socialise and was shy at the start but quickly became accustomed to the way of life at BoB and the companionship of others alike. Also, I learned to not feel ashamed of my disease and rather to share my story as well as listen to others’.

My main motivations for not reaching for the drink and developing my mindset is; my beautiful daughter, my desire to travel the world, feel and look beautifully healthy, and to see the world with colour again! It has been a hard, lengthy and lonely process but I am now 1 year and 6 months sober – also thanks to the help and support from my peers and mentors.  Though my journey still continues, and there’s plenty more to come. 

Contact Details

Email: [email protected]