'We can choose to be affected by the world, or we can choose to affect the world.'

'This place is a little piece of heaven to me.' RBKC service user


How do we know that what Build on Belief does provides value for money in working to support people who are busy dealing with their substance use problems and trying to make positive changes in their lives? Well, in the past financial year we learned the following . . .

Our services in London were accessed by 2588 individuals

They came into our projects a total of 32,702 times

A total of 228 individuals, almost all of them having had their own substance use problems, volunteered with us. 

We achieved this for a total expenditure of £441,109


In our Satisfaction Survey held in Kensington and Chelsea in 2017 (sample size 109) we learned the following . . .

93% of the service users said that Build on Belief met their needs. None disagreed.

95% of the service users said that they were satisfied with the service they received from Build on Belief. None disagreed.


75% of our volunteers have a problematic substance use history of longer than ten years.

50% regard their volunteering roles as an interactive form of mutual aid.

84% said that volunteering has a positive impact on their lives, and 26% regarded that impact as life changing.

66% said that their mental health has improved because of their volunteering

98% reported the support they received from Build on Belief as good or better.

100% said they had learned new skills while volunteering with Build on Belief.


74% reported either a physical health problem, a mental health problem or both, as well as substance use difficulties.

51% said they would volunteer for the service, and a further 23% would consider doing so.

81% attended a Build on Belief service at least once a week

88% reported that using a Build on Belief service helped them to maintain their recovery as they perceived it.

94% would recommend their local project to another service user.

79% stated the information supplied to them was either good, or very good.


Our reputation for delivering inventive, innovative and successful services that make a significant contribution to successful outcomes in the boroughs where we work, was demonstrated by the fact that in 2018 we were commissioned to . . . . 

Develop and run a peer-led weekend service in Barking and Dagenham

Contribute to the day to day running of an abstinence-based day programme in Ealing by facilitating daily check-ins and running recovery based learning and discussion groups


The staff, volunteers and service users at the charity are able to bring a unique perspective to the wider debate on the treatment of individuals who have had difficulties with their substance use. Where possible we use our lived experience, our voice and our influence to contribute to both research and policy, in the hope that we can make a small difference toward changing the lives of others for the better. This can be demonstrated not only in our attendance at the APPG on Drugs, Justice and Alcohol, but also in our submissions of evidence for . . . 

People Powered Recovery (The APPG on Complex Needs and Dual Diagnosis)

Dame Carol Black's independent report on Drugs and alcohol addiction, and obesity: effects on employment outcomes.


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