Build on Belief- A statement on diversity and inclusion and tackling discrimination and prejudice.


Build on Belief specialises in designing, implementing and running services for people who are struggling with, or are in recovery from their substance use, namely drugs and alcohol. We see ourselves as providing a new and interactive form of mutual aid. 

We are firmly committed to the belief that anyone, irrespective of their substance use histories, physical and mental health problems, or previous life experiences can, with the right support find a sense of purpose, improve their health and well-being and achieve an improved quality of life.

You can read more about our values and ethos here

As people with lived experience of dependency and addiction, we are only too aware of the harms caused by individual and institutional discrimination, prejudice and stigma. Recently we have seen how people and groups harmed by parallel experiences have called for new actions to be taken to tackle pervasive racism, misogyny, sexism and transphobia. As an organisation BoB has reflected on these calls and recognises that through our own and ‘corporate’ behaviours, we can and will do more to ensure and celebrate diversity and inclusiveness.

We will not tolerate racism, sexism, homophobia or transphobia from our staff or trustees, service users, or our volunteers.  We invite anyone who has experienced or witnessed discrimination or prejudice within BoB to raise this with us (safely and confidentially), and we promise to investigate and take appropriate action.  

To serve our mission, we must attract and develop the best talent, and to do so, we need a working and service delivery environment that champions inclusion and values the moral imperative and organisational benefits of the fullest diversity of society and lived experience. London in particular, with its multiplicity of communities and cultural diversity offers enormous value and potential from which we can only benefit and prosper.

BoB believes that harnessing different life experiences, attributes and contributions from staff, volunteers and service users will make us a more effective and inclusive organisation and a better place to work, volunteer and make our services increasingly attractive to all.

BoB has a commitment to diversity, which is about:

  •  Recognising and valuing difference;
  •  Recognising and actively seeking to redress inequality and disadvantage through recruitment and in our service delivery activities;
  •  Treating all in a fair, open and honest manner;
  •  Recognising the right of volunteers, employees and service users to be treated with dignity and respect


BoB Board of Trustees.  April 2021