“What is Group Work?”
This is one of the most important and effective forms of therapy. Everyone who attends the group will have had an addiction to drugs, alcohol or both. You can find a group relevant to your problem by discussing the options with your Keyworker.

“How does it work?”
Each group is led by a facilitator or “chairperson” who will introduce the group and the topic to be discussed. From there, each person in the group has the opportunity to speak about their experiences usually in relation to the topic, then the rest of the group may ask questions or offer support.

“What kind of topics are discussed?”
Things like relapse prevention, coping with cravings, avoiding dangerous situations, harm minimisation; basically anything related to drug and alcohol problems. By kicking off the group session with a talk on the subject, this leads the group to open up and explore this further.

“How can talking to a group of other drink and drug users help me?”
You’ll be surprised! It’s not just a case of getting emotional support; sometimes it can get quite challenging as other member of the group ask you questions and delve deeper. Not everyone will agree with you but that’s how working things out is done. If no one challenged or disagreed with you, how will you learn if you were right or wrong or just having a difference of opinion?  Working on topics together as a group is a form of offering support and solutions even if it doesn’t always seem like it!

How do I know if it works?
Well you don’t really! You won’t until you try it! One of the best things about Group Work is discovering you are not alone in how you think and feel; everyone else in the group probably thinks and feels the same!

“I don’t feel comfortable about sharing personal things about me”
There is an agreement between all members of the group to respect each all views and opinions; not to judge or ridicule and also to keep what was discussed in the groups confidential.  But it’s important to offer input in order to get something personally useful from the session.