I was a GP in W11, London for 42 years.

During that time, I was a recognised teacher at Imperial College Medical School for over a decade. I also became involved with the Nottinghill Housing Trust, being Chair of the Local Board, and then a member of the Main Board.

In general practice I worked with the local council in my role as Chair of the Professional Executive Committee of Kensington and Chelsea Primary Care Trust.

One of my special interests was the Drug and Alcohol Service and I worked with the Health Service, Local Authority and other service providers to try to maintain a committed and knowledgeable group of doctors who could offer Shared Care to their patients but also have ready access to specialised help, detox and rehabilitation. I was the lead GP for Shared Care services in Hammersmith and Fulham, Westminster and Kensington and Chelsea.

However, I was aware of the great need for support outside the scope of services offered in General Practice. I hope by being a part of Build on Belief I can contribute to the wider need. In the current climate of budget reductions and service cutbacks it is ever more important.