Debbie who was involved with Build on Belief in RBKC for many years died in early January. Irena who knew Debbie very well has written the following piece in her memory:

'Debbie loved to be with children and was always interested to know when my grandchildren were visiting.  We’d always head for the park where she would produce cold drinks, push swings and listen & respond to the stories and chatter.  There was no end to her patience with little ones; on one visit to the playground, she pushed my granddaughter Lauren down the slide 35 times, counting each push with peals of laughter! 

She also loved cats & dogs, and had huge sympathy for any animal that had been mistreated or neglected.  When I fostered cats and kittens for a local animal shelter, she was the first to visit and spend time with them, always interested to know their stories, always shocked and angry at the cruelty they’d experienced.  Eventually she adopted Ollie, a little black & white cat, the first cat of her very own.  Her bond with him was strong and loving; nothing was too much trouble where Ollie was concerned.

As a close friend, Debbie was 100% supportive and enthusiastic about anything I tried to do.  She came to my first gig, attended ever gallery event where a painting of mine was being shown, and always wanted to know what I was doing artistically. She said she wasn’t that interested in art, unless it was my art - which she always loved and admired.  She was positive and encouraging of anyone who tried to be creative in some shape or form. 

Debbie was universally liked locally for her smile and sunny personality. She was popular amongst neighbours, and everyone I ever introduced her to remembered her for her warmth and sense of humour.

And of course, her sun worshipping was legendary! She’d spend hours tanning herself, saying she always felt ten times better and healthier when she’d soaked up the sun’s rays.'

Kind regards,