Kelly has had a tough life and dealt with a great many problems in her time. She was a lovely person who would not hurt the proverbial fly. Kelly really enjoyed coming into our service for food and a cuppa, a place where she felt could be herself. She liked the fact that there was always someone to talk to and people would listen to her without judgement, but rather empathise with her instead. When Kelly came into the weekend service, she was a little ray of sunshine and she will be sorely missed by clients, volunteers, and Service Managers alike.

I, and some of our volunteers attended the place where she passed away to lay some beautiful flowers made by our arts facilitator Maria and we all lit a candle. Kelly will always be in our hearts and minds and will be sadly missed. ❤️

Service Manager 


A poem for Kelly

After the clouds, the sunshine.

After the winter, the spring.

After the shower, the rainbow.

                           For life is a changeable thing.                   

After the night, the morning,

Bidding all darkness cease,

After life's cares and sorrows,

The comfort and sweetness of peace.