'Even if you are on the right track, you'll get run over if you just sit there.'

We understand that the majority of people who are in, or have been in treatment for their substance use difficulties will have a criminal record for offences committed while struggling with their addiction. That is not a problem for us. After all, half of our staff have criminal records, and those that don't probably should have!

Putting aside arson, most sexual offences and some instances of serious or repeated acts of violence, having a criminal record will not stop us from welcoming you as a volunteer.

At Build on Belief there are really only two things that can stop you volunteering with us. We cannot accept anyone as a volunteer if we have good grounds to believe they are a serious risk to themselves or others. Will will not allow you to volunteer if you turn up at a project under the influence of a non-prescribed mind altering substance. That's pretty much the whole of the law.

If you wish to volunteer but are worried about your criminal record don't worry. You are welcome to ring Tim Sampey and discuss your concerns. Such conversations will be kept confidential.