'A diamond is merely a lump of coal that did well under pressure.'

We know that our volunteer teams are the lifeblood of the organisation, and that each and every volunteer gives us their time, energy and commitment for free.

In return, we do our best to make volunteering fun, worthwhile, and pledge ourselves to treating everyone fairly, equally and as valued member of the team.

In that spirit, we will always do the following.

  1. We will always pay your travel expenses
  2. We will always feed you.
  3. We offer a wide range of training workshops that are intended to ensure you can undertake your role safely and with confidence. They are fun, informative, free to access and there is no written work! You may attend as many as you want as often as you want. We will even pay your travel expenses to attend them if necessary.
  4. We will offer you one-to-one supervision with a paid member of staff.
  5. We will always place your welfare above the needs of the charity.
  6. We will endeavour to find a volunteer role for you that best meets you needs, capabilities, wishes and ambition.
  7. Any paid posts that arise within the charity will be offered to you, as a member of the volunteer team before they are offered to anyone else, and we will not employ externally unless we are unable to fill the post from within the volunteer team.
  8. Any concerns you have about your role will be taken seriously, and addressed to the best of our ability.