'In any competition between power and patience, bet on patience.'

The problem with cliches, is that they're cliches for a good reason, namely everyone keeps saying them. Well, here's a cliche we hear about service user volunteers all the time. They always say, 'I wanted to give something back'.

At Build on Belief we know that statement for the simple truth it is, since all but one of our staff team volunteered for the organisation long before they were employed by it. 

By and large, we enter treatment for our substance use only when our lives begin to resemble a never ending car crash, and grateful for the help and support we receive, we wish to give something back to those that have encouraged us throughout our recovery. On top of that, many of us feel a strong desire to help others struggling with the problems that we understand so well.

At Build on Belief it is our simple mission in life to provide volunteering opportunities for anyone who wants to 'give something back.'

In structured treatment and early recovery, being able to volunteer with a team of like minded people, all of whom are in, or have been in the same boat, can be enormously empowering, and provide a reason for that most difficult of things, getting out of bed in the morning!

The discovery that you are valued as an equal member of a team, and the knowledge that your efforts have genuinely helped others, is a feeling that money simply cannot buy.

How do we know it works? Well it would be a brave man who declares that three thousand volunteers were wrong!

The singular nature of our socially based befriending services, where learning new skills, having fun and being able to socialise in a safe and friendly environment take the place of therapeutic interventions or mutual aid meetings, allows us to offer volunteering opportunities that are unique to Build on Belief. Interested? Read on . . . .