'With the rarest of exceptions , almost every drug can be taken in a manner that does not require injection. Think about it.'

We understand that stopping your substance use can be a gradual process, and sometimes people aren't quite ready. Therefore all of our weekend services have access to either a needle exchange, or needle exchange packs.

All of our staff have received N/X training, and are able to make sure you have access to the injecting equipment that you need. If required, they are also able to give you advice on safer injecting and how to ensure you minimise your exposure to blood borne viruses and other infections.

Although we might we be preaching to the converted, we don't really care, and if you are going to inject drugs, please follow the advice below:

  • Never inject alone. If you overdose, it can cost you your life.
  • Never share any equipment. This includes spoons, torniquets and filters. Everything in fact.
  • Use sterile water if possible, or failing that, tap water.
  • Don't reuse filters.
  • If you miss a vein or hit the bottom of the spoon, change the needle.
  • If you can't find a vein in the arm, think about taking the drug a different way. Injecting elsewhere in the body greatly increased the chances of developing serious, and often irreversible health problems.
  • If you are unsure of the purity of the drug you are injecting, test it's strength first!
  • If you are injecting opiates, make sure you have picked up some naloxone from your local treatment provider

Sorry if that comes across a little on the heavy handed side, but we really would like you to stay alive and as healthy as possible!