'Always remember that you are unique. Just like everybody else.'

Build on Belief offers  peer-led, activity based befriending services, but sometimes we need more than a little support from our peers. Sometimes we need professional help to deal with our substance use problems. So how can we help?

You can walk into any Build on Belief service and ask for a confidential chat with the manager on duty. They will be able to undertake a brief assessment there and then, which will be delivered to the local treatment provider, who will telephone you an arrange for an appointment.

If this is not possible, they will be able to tell you where your nearest provider is, and when they are open. If you wish they will be able to give you a telephone number so that you can ring and make an appointment. 

If you are anxious about accessing a treatment provider for more structured help, the staff can talk you through what will happen next, and what you can expect from a therapeutic service provider. There is a page on this website called 'accessing treatment' which will explain in a friendly and informative fashion a little about your options, and discuss some frequently asked questions.

Just remember, if you think you need more help and support than we can offer you, please tell us. We will make it happen.