'You can raise your potential when you help someone reach their potential.'

BoB came out of the early service user involvement movement initiatives, famously starting with two guys suffering from the dangerous boredom of early recovery, deciding that game of Badminton and some company might keep them off the streets.

Doing something with your time and being supported by your peers quickly proved to be an attractive proposition for the local community of those that had or wanted to address their substance use. The inclusive ethos was built around a stable core that was able to hold those yet to make progress.

Volunteers need to receive in order to continue giving consistently and BoB intuitively understood this. Central to this was a strong mix of training packages that understood the needs of an often-traumatised community challenging themselves to make the most of life. I was one of many that looked to BoB for support in developing peer-led projects.

BoB has grown, it has become a registered charity with an effective business model and an ability to demonstrate the positive impact it has on those it engages. Harnessing the experience, skills and passion of trained volunteers can be a powerful tool against the harsh backdrop of disinvestment and no-one does it better than BoB.

Alex Boyt 

Previously the Managing Involvement Coordinator (Camden)

Build on Belief is an ideal, concept and practical application of the positive impact that those with lived experience of addiction can have on society. They have not only added value to the support networks available to those suffering from addiction but also filled gaps in terms of required support and enhanced positive association - all of which increased the connectivity of individuals with the world around them.

Sunny Dhadley

Drug and Alcohol Service User Involvement Officer (SUIT in Wolverhampton)

I had an indispensable opportunity to see the valuable work that's done in BoB's services. My respect to those people who do their service manager or volunteer work, respecting all clients. And I also appreciate the attitude how volunteers are met by service managers.
I have lots of things with me when I go back to Finland. 
The biggest ones are RESPECT and EQUALITY.
Thanks to all the people I met!'

Kari Larmila (Finnish Social Worker)

'Having met the majority of those involved in BoB, in conferences, and similar events, some before the inception of BoB, via London User Forum, and other proactive movements from that period. I am both excited and inspired by the outcomes that the team are achieving in their progress. And, what gives me the most pleasure is that the project has been built from the inside, out, or bottom up whichever way you want to look at it, it's foundations are firmly in the grass roots movement that is sadly being pushed out the door. But, with passion and dedication and a knowledge unrivalled this team are proving that it can be done with hard work, resilience and a head full of memories that keep them inspired to continue the fight for others. An amazing project and most definitely one to watch. I urge anyone looking for real, upfront, direct advice and support to follow and if you're local visit this amazing organisation. No sugar coating here. This is what a support service should look like, and the personal experience of the should be taken into account for any role in the drugs field, in fact I would go as far to say, a requirement as a pre-entry into the sector. Kudos guys.'

Kevin Jaffray (Independent trainer, consultant and activist)

'A dear friend of mine who has helped enormously with the BFFO Organization speaks very highy indeed of these guys and it would be a pleasure to work with them in 2018!

Carlos Fandangos